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Education and Experience

Colleen has been guiding individuals and businesses in their growth for over 25 years.  She is a state Licensed Professional Counselor, medium, past life regression therapist, and career coach. She began her work career as a helicopter pilot in the US Army, followed by 15 years in the corporate business world.  Her latest position was Executive Director of Human Resources for Northrop Grumman.  She then went on to start her own private practice in coaching and counseling which she continues today.

Ms. Smith holds a bachelors’ degree in Economics from Bucknell University and two masters’ degrees, the first in Organizational Development and Adult Learning from The University of Texas and the second in Mental Health Counseling.  She is a state Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), and a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP).  She holds a certificate of study with Dr. Brian Weiss for Past Life Regression, and is also certified in the after-death communication method of Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy by Rochelle Wright.

Spiritual Journey

I was born with the ability to see and hear departed souls and my childhood was spent in the company of spirits.  For many years I did not know it was different so I played with them just as I would my other friends and developed a deep comfort interacting with those across the veil.  However, I had no spiritual mentors so as I got older fear and wanting to fit in grew.  As a teen I worked to shut down the spirit flow and set out to live a “regular” life.  I went to college, started working, got married, and had children.  Spirit would still show up but I did not nurture the connection because I was engrossed in the demands of my every day life.  Naturally I maintained a deep interest in the spiritual and metaphysical world, and even twice went on a spiritual search but was pulled back by the requirements of raising a family while simultaneously growing a corporate career.  I did however choose a career path of Human Resources where I could coach and help people grow.


The connection with the other side drove my life path and I eventually became a psychotherapist. The original meaning of the word ‘psychotherapy’ comes from Greek, meaning ‘healing of the soul’ [psyche (soul) and therapeia (healing)].  So, it is easy to understand how I found my way to becoming a therapist.  I have integrated my mediumship gifts into my work my entire professional life.  It has been instrumental in career coaching as I assist clients in identifying their passion and life mission which many term “their calling”.  For therapy clients this added dimension allows insight into life lessons and family patterns.  The spirit connection informs my work with clients and allows me to address the needs of the soul and spirit as well as the human experience.

I utilized the spiritual gifts but stayed in the “psychic closet” not discussing it openly for many years out of fear of judgement and career retribution.  Then my oldest son Austin passed unexpectantly at the age of 26.  Immediately Austin began communicating and leaving feather signs for us.  I wanted to add to the communication; through a series of Divine synchronicities I scheduled a mediumship reading, my first ever as a sitter, with Suzanne Giesemann.  The reading was a life changing experience for both myself and my husband.  Suzanne brought forth an overwhelming volume of evidence of Austin’s continued existence.  The confirmation that Austin was still here allowed the family to heal.  This and the feathers Austin began leaving were incredible spiritual demonstrations of the soul continuing to exist.  It helped my family in their grief journey.  I experienced firsthand the power of spirit to heal and I knew it was time to follow my calling.

I trained with Suzanne Giesemann and under her tutelage began giving mediumship readings. I went on to study with other very talented mediums as well including Jake Samoyedny, Susanne Wilson, Mavis Pittilla, and Andy Byng.  All fabulous mediums I highly recommend!   I also studied with Dr. Brian Weiss and began conducting past life regressions for clients.  I became certified in the after-death communication method of Repair & Reattachment Grief Therapy by Rochelle Wright to use with my clients for grief therapy.  I am now publicly open about my spiritual side and spirit based professional offerings.  I use every skill I have to help people heal!

Blessings and peace,



"Colleen Smith is an exceptionally gifted and talented counselor and medium.  She helped me heal during the span of a few minutes from an extremely traumatic childhood event that I had been carrying around for over 50 years.  This was nothing short of miraculous!  Colleen is the only person I know who combines the training and skills of a professional mental health counselor with extraordinary psychic and mediumship abilities to change lives in deep and profound ways.  I am eternally grateful to Colleen for a healing that I would have never thought possible.  Her skills are amazing and I give my highest recommendation for her services! “

Rhonda N.

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