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Mediumship is sacred work. 

I connect with spirit and demonstrate that life, the soul, and love are eternal. It is a healing process for all.


Mediumship is sacred work.

I connect with spirit and demonstrate that life, the soul, and love are eternal.  It is a healing process for all.


Spiritual Services

Experience a one on one private session where Colleen will tune in using her mediumship and psychic abilities. As an evidential medium Colleen will blend with your departed loved ones and unite you for a visit. These reunions are incredibly healing and often contain needed messages, memory sharing, and evidence of their continued presence in your current life. At times spirit guides communicate to offer guidance and support. Colleen is a conduit relaying evidence and messages and each session is unique. Colleen will also utilize her psychic abilities to blend with your energy field to discern information about your life; common potential topic areas are relationships, love, work, finances, health, and spirituality. Past challenges, current issues, and future opportunities may be discussed. We are not able to dictate what happens in the session rather Spirit will bring forth the best information in a way that best suits the sitter (you). Bring your open mind and open heart and relax to experience one of the most unique healing sessions you can participate in!

Note: Private readings are done via phone, computer-based video conferencing, and in-person. The quality and results are the same and in person is not necessarily better. Being in a place/setting where you are able to relax and let go is the key to a great reading.

Psycho-Spiritual Counseling

The original definition of the word ‘psychotherapy’ comes from Greek, [psyche (soul) and therapeia (healing)], meaning ‘healing of the soul’.  Psycho-spiritual counseling works to address the needs of the soul and spirit as well as the human experience.   We can look at your own spiritual stories as wisdom for your life’s meaning and purpose. We will explore beyond ordinary consciousness, acknowledging the soul, mystical experiences, and multi-dimensional awareness while recognizing and accessing higher consciousness.  We can process and integrate your spiritual experiences such as near-death, out of body, after-death communication, signs from departed loved ones, and many others. I will integrate my skills and experience of the spiritual realm with my formal knowledge of psychology. I will be in tune with both inner knowing and acquired knowledge, allowing myself to be immersed in spiritual attunement so that the psycho-spiritual approach emerges in the session.

Grief/Bereavement Counseling

There are many facets of loss.  Some are more visible such as the death of a loved one (including miscarriage and pets), and others are more private such as the loss of one’s health, a relationship, a dream, a home, and many others.  We will work to identify and acknowledge your own experience of loss because each person’s grief journey is unique.  We can process your feelings, find ways to honor your loved one who has died, and look at the how the loss has shaped your life.  I have extensive training and personal experience that allows me to support my clients as they walk their grief journey.

Life work and purpose session

People often talk about passion and fulfillment when it relates to work career.  Doing the work you were meant to be doing delivers fulfillment and ignites passion. Have a session with Colleen and tap in to her spiritual connection, finely honed intuition, and years of experience as a career coach to gain clarity about your life’s mission.

I customize my approach for every client because each person’s needs, personality, experiences, and goals are unique.

We will be a team working together. I am an experienced, educated guide who will have your best interest at heart. As we partner on the journey, we will discover the path to your best self.

computer & phone

Virtual/Distance Sessions

Lives can get extremely busy and while in person work has tremendous value there are times my clients need more flexibility.  Distance support is available through phone or computer based video conferencing sessions.  This is a popular solution for clients who return to college campus, travel for business, relocate, are injured, or have extremely limited schedules.  I want to accommodate the busy lifestyles and locations of my clients so together we use technology to connect.

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